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    When was the last time you had your wheels aligned? Does it feel like your car pulls in one direction, even when driving straight? Do you need to keep your steering wheel turned to one side to keep your car driving straight? These may be telltale signs that you need to have your alignment checked. If you think your car is pulling, it’s time to call the professionals at Northwest Houston Auto Repair. Call us today or request an appointment online!

    Potholes and rough roads in Houston make front end alignment’s, and 4-wheel alignment standard maintenance for most drivers.  Driving with wheels out of alignment can cause your tires to wear unevenly, costing you more money in the long run. Improper alignment can necessitate rotating, balancing, or replacing tires more frequently. If you get your car aligned, you will give yourself a more comfortable ride.

    Tire Alignment Specials

    – Cars 69.99 (Alignment & Balanced)
    – Trucks 79.99 (Alignment & Balanced)
    – Trucks lifted 119.99 (Alignment & Balanced)
    – Wheel balancing and rotation 39.99 (All 4 wheeled automobiles)

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How Often Should I Have My Alignment Checked?

At a minimum, you should have the alignment checked annually. When you have your tires balanced and rotated at your next oil change, ask the mechanic if the tread wear looks even. Uneven wear is an early indicator of improper alignment. If your car was involved in an accident or drove over a curb or rough pothole, the alignment may have been impacted. We perform alignments constantly using the latest technology. This means that all of our alignment measures are both precise and accurate.

Our standard 4-wheel alignment service includes:

  • Looking at all camber, caster, and toe angles, when applicable
  • Addressing both front and rear steering/li>
  • Inspecting and correcting the suspension system/li>
  • Assessing the condition and wear of the tires/li>
  • Ensuring the tire pressure in all tires is accurate

Once the alignment service is done, we will print out a record showing what we did to adjust your car’s alignment. Once your car’s wheel alignment has been corrected, it should be easier to keep your car straight. This will preserve your car’s suspension systems, improve your fuel economy, and make your car safer to drive overall.

Why is My Alignment Off?

It is common for cars that come to our garage to have small issues with their alignments. Sometimes, these issues can be significant. There are a few common reasons why your car’s wheel alignment might be off. Some of the most frequent causes of a wheel alignment that is slightly off include:

  • A car accident that took place recently, knocking the car out of alignment
  • Driving over a large pothole
  • Running into a curb at high speeds
  • An uneven distribution of weight across the four wheels
  • Tires that are not wearing evenly

All of these issues can cause the car to tug or pull to one side. This can make the car harder to control. It can also impact the car’s fuel economy. As wheel alignment issues get worse, it can also damage other systems throughout the vehicle. Therefore, in order to save time and money, it is important to get any issues with the car’s wheel alignment addressed as quickly as possible. This can also lead to a safer ride. Regardless of the cause, we can get your car’s wheel alignment back where it needs to be.

Wheel Balancing

In addition to providing wheel alignment services, we also provide something called wheel balancing services. The job of a wheel alignment is to correct angles that might be off, keeping the car from pulling to one side or the other.

Instead, wheel balancing focuses on weight distribution. It is important to keep the weight distribution across all four wheels as even as possible. This will ensure the car’s tires wear evenly and can also prevent damage to the suspension system. These issues can lead to wheel alignment issues. During a wheel balancing service, we will use steel weights to ensure the wheel assembly system is balanced properly.

Let Us Get Your Wheels Back in Alignment!

We are proud to have some of the most experienced technicians in the field. We can look at your car’s wheels, ensuring that your camber, caster, and even toe angles have been aligned properly. This will keep your car straight on even the bumpiest of roads. We recommend that you have your car’s alignment checked on a regular basis. If there is anything off, we can fix it quickly. Call us today!