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If you’re like most drivers, you rely on your brakes to keep you safe on the road. So if your brakes are starting to fail or are showing signs of wear and tear, you need a reliable source for brake repair work in a hurry. And that’s exactly where we come in. Call our shop in Houston, TX, we offer quick, dependable brake repair services designed to get you safely back out on the road as soon as possible.

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Getting your car started and moving is important but stopping your car safely and effectively is critical. Stomping your foot on the brake pedal activates a finely tuned system that requires periodic maintenance to ensure it works correctly.

In the early days of automobiles, brakes were mostly of the ‘drum’ type and required regular adjustment. Disc brakes gradually replaced drum brakes on the front of cars and now most new cars have disc brakes on all four wheels.

Disc brakes offer better stopping power than similar drum brakes and have better resistance to brake fade caused by overheating or moisture. Disc brakes usually have two brake pads that clamp over and squeeze a disc rotor. The rotor is connected to the wheel. The pads are held in place and controlled by a caliper connected to a wheel hub. When the brakes are applied, hydraulic pressure squeezes the pads against the rotors which slows or stops the vehicle.

Brake pads are metal plates with a friction material bonded to them. This material is made of different compositions and has different wear factors depending on the type of vehicle. As the pads are squeezed against the rotors repeatedly, over thousands braking actions, the pads will wear down. Different brake systems have different methods to alert you that the pad needs replacement. Newer, more luxury vehicles have electronic sensors, other vehicles have small metal clips that will rub against the rotor and “chirp” when the pad is getting worn. The important thing to remember is that brakes are the most important part of your vehicle. If for any reason your brakes are squeaking or just don’t ‘feel’ right, bring your vehicle in right away for a no-cost inspection.

Under normal conditions, the brake rotors don’t need maintenance as often as the brake pads. But the rotors must have a smooth surface to perform correctly. If the rotors become scratched or grooved they need to be resurfaced. If the damage is extensive, the rotor needs to be replaced. Northwest Houston Auto Repair – Brake Repair & Installs will give your rotors a complete inspection and recommend the best path to correct the problem.

The hydraulic pressure that powers the rotors to grip so strongly is generated from the master cylinder. Brake fluid flows under high pressure through hoses between the master cylinder and the brake assembly at the wheels. The hoses generally last a very long time but can leak or crack so they do require periodic inspection. Brake fluid is susceptible to contamination by air and moisture which in turn can greatly affect its performance. Regular inspection of brake fluid levels is recommended and periodic flushing and replacement of fluid may be necessary as well.

At Northwest Houston Auto Repair, we pride ourselves on quality, honesty, and integrity in all that we do. We understand that brake repair is a service you simply can’t skimp on, so we keep our rates reasonable while offering the professional repair work you deserve. Our team is dedicated to your satisfaction, whether you’re a first-time customer or a repeat client. And we’ll go the extra mile to service your vehicle in a thorough, comprehensive fashion.

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